Adore 75

Retail availability

August 19th, 1993


November 19th, 1994


ROM Cartridge (Prototype)

CD-ROM (Final)

Adore 75 was a 32-bit video game console released in 1993. It had a mixed to negative reception. The games looked half 8-bit and half 16-bit, as many people said.


Go Go Racen! - A first person shooter game where you had to race 500 miles to Bubble City. In each city you had to get out of the car and defeat all of the citizens or half of it! This game has been negatively recieved.
Go Go Racen NEW

Gameplay of Go Go Racen

Nosliwtoile Metsysez: Terror On Tenalpad - A first person shooter where an alien has to teleport all of the prisoners back to their cells and Defeat the giant prisoner of all time.


Adore 75 has received generally mixed to negative reviews.

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