A whole center near our Airport haha :P

A BUNCH of stores there! The Lehigh Valley Mall was a bit inconvienet today, so my mom took us here before she went to work. :D

Stores we went into:

Menchies: A frozen yogurt place! It basically to me is like soft ice cream. :D Mmm that cookies & cream! :) And we got cool color changing spoons!

Target: Oh this Target was built right after I finished middle school! It's a great Target near my house. :D I got the 2nd Justin Timberlake CD of the 20/20 Experience! Yay 2 CD's for only $9.99 (It came out yesterday) Amie got "Snow White and The Huntsman" DVD for $10.

Sam's Club: The Wal-Mart knock off! We got hot dogs and a drink!

Then we had a little photoshoot outside...

Christmas Tree Shops: I went in there to look at CDs/DVDs, and wound up buying my mom a keychain with her name on it. :')

A.C. Moore: Drawing with Sharpies and looking at artificial flowers LOL

and finally:

Five Below: Ehh just looked at some stuff. Then my mom picked us up! :D

#iamasuperstar (talk) 02:31, October 2, 2013 (UTC)

Pictures Edit

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