Izzy the human!!!!

My avatar!(for now...:P)

Hi, this page is about me, Yisel,(or better known as Izzy&phinfan101 or Slushers)and my personality, and much more! I know making a page just about me kinda makes me sound self-centered and concieted, but then again, I love being in the spotlight!:D

My PersonalityEdit

I am sassy, sweet, feirce, funny, intellegent, idiotic, and all around tween! I know my personality traits kinda contradict each other, but that's what being a tween is all about!

I read a LOT, and I have read almost every famous book series, and have memorized almost every important detail of each book. I will lilst the books I have read(that I can REMEMBER) in another section.

I love to be myself, but youu can never tell if I'm faking or not since I have almost every kind of characteristic! Some people have actually asked me if I was bipolar or MPD(multiple personality disorder):D I am usually an optimist and a pessimist, and I'm usually cheerful and cynical. Yes, I know, antynoms:)

I am highly intellegent, and way too mature for my age. People who have heard recordings of my voice(long story, I'll explain later if someone[or some people!]ask) have actually confused me for a 17 or 18 year old, yet I'm only in the 7th grade! I don't know if it's because of my sorta deep voice or the advanced vocaubalry I use, but they actually have confused me for being way older than I am!

Also, in addition to the mention of my intellegence, I read at 12th grade level, have math skills at 9th grade, and have vocabulary and writing skills at 10th grade. I also have so much knowledge of science I ould pass an 8th grade CST test!:D

My AppearanceEdit

A touchy subject, this is. In addition to my cofidence of my style, I am very insecure of my looks. I have suffered comments of my appearance since I was a child, and even though I have matured and many of thoses who have insulted me say they are wrong now, I am still insecure. Maybe I'll put a icture up someday, put for now, I will just desribe my appearance for those.......who might actually care. Actually, I'll just put this off for now.

(this page will be updated0

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