It was a bright sunny day in Purdin,Tennesee and Austin was quite happy. He had just gotten a Wii U for his birthday and was quite excited. He had bought the MLP game and was ready to play! He brought over his friends Blade,Dakota,Ellie,Stefenie,Chase,Matt,Delaney, and of course his older stepbrother Anthony,who was just there to make fun of him. As he started the game he selected adventure and all of of sudden there was a bright flashand he passed,wondering"What happened?".

"Gee wilikers what was THAT!?" Chase said. "Oh boy, I don't know! But we sureley can check it out!!" Austin said. "IT IS RAINBOW DASH!" Stefanie said. "Heh...Just a guess..." she said. Everyone ran outside to see what the flash outside was.

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