Hey guys long time no see again lol well i've been having fun with a couple of friends. i am not on facebook so much anymore but i am on my real account My facebook  and  as for my page about my cousin sam i got the invitation to the baby shower his wife is having. she is having a baby girl, she hasn't picked a name yet for the baby. I went to dorney park for the first time ever this past summer but i am going to the hunt in october with a couple of friends of mine. I seen a movie recently man i fucking fall in love with it!!!

my dads cousin also came down for a visit her name is Annie. she is very nice and loves to bring gifts to us. she invitied me to go see her in Dubai. its in the middle east so the sucky part is i won't have good internet.

  • here is the invite to the shower
  • the best movie ever in the world
  • i love harley quinn

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