The Arizona Coyotes, formerly the Phoenix Coyotes, is a professional Ice Hockey team that is situated in Glendale,AZ, which is a subdivision (somewhat) of the Capital City of Arizona. The Coyotes were the original Winnipeg Jets before moving to Phoenix in 1996. Since moving to the desert Capital, the Coyotes, affectionately dubbed the 'Yotes and the Desert Dogs by the fans, have been proving that Ice Hockey could have a large fan base in a desert.

The Coyotes have played in the current arena, Gila River Arena formerly Arena, since 2003, before then they played at America West Arena in Downtown Phoenix. When they moved to the new arena the look of the logo changed from a Kachina styled Coyote to a more stream line version and in 2009 they added an alternate logo, which only appears on the black jerseys while the 2003 logo is on the red (Home) and White (Away) jerseys. The alternate Black jersey was retired at the end of the 2013-2014 season after the team was bought from the NHL by IceArizona LLC. The Coyotes now have a 'Retro' home game per season where they wear the original 1996-1997 season jerseys. The only original remaining Winnipeg Jet is number 19 and former captain of the team, Shane Doan (now a free agent).

Howler the Coyotes, the team's mascot was introduced in 2005. He wears the jersey number 96, the year the team moved to the state. He makes an appearance at every home game, occassionally dragging some sort of symbol for the other team behind him. He roves through the lower concourse trying to rally fans to cheer on the team.

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