Bob as he appears in the Japanese only title, Puzzle Bobble DS.

Bob the Bubble Dragon is a quiet, shy, and studious little Bubble Dragon that doesn't really go on adventures that much. But when he does, it's often because of his brother Bub dragging him into trouble. Bob likes to stay out of trouble and is the good child of sorts of his family. Believe it or not, he has a human girlfriend named Chun-Chun, who he and Bub met on their journey to restore the stars to the night sky. Bob is rarely angered and is like Ferb in a way. He and Ferb are companions and did everything together as kids. He has even helped him out when making Big Ideas with his friends, Phineas, and the Fireside Girls. Bob hails from Rainbow Island with his brother Bub and his family, as well as his friends, Blackburn and Icy Bubble Dragon. He does his best to save the world from the evil warlock, Dreg and tries to become human, due to a magic spell transforming him and his family into Bubble Dragons. Often times, he is seen reading and lying out in the sun, including having fun with his friends.

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