Bones is a TV show by FOX based on  a real life Forensic Anthropolgist Kathy Reichs. Kathy Reichs writes a book series where the main poritangist is Dr. Temperence Brennan. 

The TV version of Temperance Brennan is based of Kathy Reichs rather then the book Temeperance.

Characters Edit

Temperance 'Bones' Brennan- A forensic anthropoligist for the Jeffersonian Instittue in Wasghington DC. Booth and Bones had worked on a case one year prior to the first case (pilot episode). In the pilot episode Bones is shown to be returning from Gautemala, when she is detained by Airport Security. Booth comes and picks her up, and as they are driving to the body dump site, Bones states that If Booth didn't stop the car she would scream kidnap out the window. Bones defends Zack from Booth stating that he is a good assistant. She has a daughter with Booth. She hates Pyschology.

Seely Booth- An FBI agent who works with the 'Squint Sqaud' who he refers as to being Bones' Squint Squad. Prior to the pilot episode he and Bones had a falling out because of a previous case. He dubbed Bones and her co-workers "Squints" because it was a Bureal term. He is shown to be smart at times and at others not so much.

Dr. Jack Hodgins- An Emtomolgist who works with Bones on cases. He is a paraniod conspiracy theorist, and according to a flash back episode he has three doctorates, the same amount Dr. Brennan has. He calls Bones either Dr. B or Brennan. He has a son with Angela, whom hs is married to.

Angela Monternergo- An artist who does recreations of faces and injuries based on info the 'Squint Squad' provides.As of the fifth season she is married to Jack Hodgins. She is Brennan's best friend. She was the first main cast character seen in the pilot episode. Her father is Billy Gibbons. Angela is a name she legally changed to because her real name was 'horrible' and 'that she changed it as soon as she was eighteen." She has a son with Jack Hodgins name Micheal Vincent Stacco Hodgins, his first middle name being for "Squintern" Vincent Nigel-Muarry whom was slain the previous episode.

Dr. Camille 'Cam' Soryan- A Fornesic Pathologist, she does exams of fleshly remains. She gained custody of an ex-lovers daughter, whom she had loved like her own, in Season Four. She was brought in Season Two to be the head of the Forensics Department of the Jeffersonian.

Dr. Zack Addy- Bones' former assitant. Gained his doctorate in the Second Season, was placed in a mental hospital due to working with Gormagon by the end of Season Three.

Dr. Lance Sweets- Refered to as Sweets, he Is an FBI Pyschologist, he first appeared in Season 3 and has become a main cast member.

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