Bub as he appears in the Japanese only Bust-A-Move title, Puzzle Bobble DS.

Bub is a Bubble Dragon like his twin brother Bob. Together with Phineas Flynn, he is a happy-go-lucky soul. Though if given the chance, adventure awaits him and his friends. Bub is never one to step down from a fight or a challenge. He is mischievous, often times getting him into trouble. He has a human girlfriend named Woolen from when he and Bob went to restore the night sky from the evil warlock Dreg. Bub also loves his family and will do whatever it takes to protect them. If worst comes to worst, he will not back down from saving the world. Like all Bubble Dragons, he has the power to blow bubbles, trapping his enemies inside them. He hails from Rainbow Islands with his family, and hopes to one day return to human form.

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