These rules have approval from Stefs.

New Chat Rules. The chat has been disabled....Until the users who frequent Chat the most read and sign this page Chat WILL NOT be returning. Signing will be in the comments.


1. No name calling.

2. No, aboslutely NO talking of suicide or killing people, this will result in an automatic kick/ban and a possible shutdown of Chat.

3. No space Spamming.

4. No link Spamming.

5. You can swear but please don't do it excessively.

6. If a Moderator (Mod) or an Adminstrator (Admin) tells you to quit doing something, you should, failure to comply will result in a kick, if the action is repeated a ban will be placed.

7. You can spam but not excessivly.

8. English is the only language allowed to be typed on Chat.

9. No linking any thing Sexual, Violent, or Virus related, doing so will result in an immidate ban.

10. No repeative Questions, everyone saw it the first time.

11. Do not put disguised links on the chat, Ex: User:I Am A Superstar!! : )

12. Do not make suggestive pictures out of symbols on the keyboard. This includes body parts, etc. If you do, I will kick you out for it.

13. If you have any requests for Emoticons you would like to see ask one of the Admins in chat or on thier talk pages. For a full list of the Emoticons this wiki has please check the Emoticons Page

14. Speak English, please. No other language will be allowed because it likely will not be understood.

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