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My sweet little baby! Martin Junior has been in my life for a long time now, he is my special Chevy Cavalier. :)

This page is dedicated to the cute, reliable and fun to drive Chevrolet Cavaliers!

My mom bought a 2002 Cavalier in 2004 after my dad died. So this car has been in my life since I was in 4th grade! I remember we bought him at "Straub, Chrysler, Jeep" in Bethlehem, PA. I told her she needed to buy a car with a CD Player in it, and she sure did! I had no idea back then that I would be driving him one day. She really loved her car and she would call him her baby. I remember when she got him, all the kids at school thought my mom's new blue car was really cool. So good memories there!

I have many great memories of sitting in the back seat with my Hello Kitty seat belt pad across my chest, riding to school or wherever. Until I got older and sat in the passenger's seat next to her!

When my mom died, I inherted him. She used to call him, "her baby," and I think she kind of wanted to call him Larry after my dad. But I named him Martin Junior after Martin Tower, and I usually just refer to him as Junior!!!!

I really am attached to him as you can imagine, and I always want him looking good and running good. He is my sweet, special little baby!

Below I will add pictures of him, and other nice Cavalier pictures I have saved!

#iamasuperstar (talk) 07:10, June 30, 2016 (UTC)

Note: As I was just reading over this page one last time before publishing it, "Lights" by Ellie Goulding came on the radio...and my mom and I used to love to play "Lights" in her car and turned it up real loud! ♥ 

Pictures of Martin JuniorEdit

Pictures Of Some Other CavaliersEdit

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