Oh yesh there they all are c:

I'm done. I'm sooo done. I am so obsessed with this show! It's MY SHOW! MINE! AHH! I saw 3 episodes today and I watched 2 last night! (On my DVD of course!) I bought a 3-disc DVD set of the 1st season! I had to! c:

It's a Disney cartoon from the late 80s early 90s, about 5 critters who solve crimes! I love the personalities and qualities that each character has! Each episode is not only funny, but there's also a good mystery in every one! It can actually get quite suspenseful!

The theme song is soooo catchy! It's one of my faves and reminds me when I was younger! I esp. watched it a lot when I was 12 and it was on Toon Disney.

It's not something you would think is a "kids show." There are a lot of jokes in there and also just the setup that can be understood by older people (teens, adults etc) and it's funny! Something you can totally get! I will keep watching my Dvds of it I know it C:


#iamasuperstar (talk) 03:58, July 23, 2013 (UTC)


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