Chrono Crusade is an Anime. The ending of the last episode is sad, but a good show.

Rosette Chistopher- A young woman who made a compact with Chrono prior to the start of the series. Everytime she uses a clock like device to empower Chrono, her life shortens. Rosette hunts and destorys devils with a vast array of 'holy' weapons. In the first episode it is shown that Rosette frequently destorys vechiles and building when she gets a misson. She also has threatened the weapons/ammuntions maker with a spoon. It should be noted that he looked up her skirt causing that response.

Chrono- A Devil whom Rosette made a compact with. He like her wanted to save her younger brother form another Sinner named Aion.

Gallery and A VideoEdit

Chrno Crusade Ending05:01

Chrno Crusade Ending

The sad ending of Chrono Crusade.

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