A computer is an appliance that is used primarily to calculate math problems, type up letters and essays, create spreadsheets, access the internet and check electronic mail online, listen to music, make pictures, view funny cat pictures, and a lot more!

I Am A Superstar!! : ) uses the computer to access the internet to enter wiki chats, wiki, and more. It is rather fun to be able to do so much stuff at one desk. Some computers you can move all over the world!

I Am A Superstar!! : ) has had multiple different computers. The one she is currently using is a Microsoft Windows XP computer. She has had Windows 98, Windows M.E., Windows XP, and now Windows 7.

Jokes Edit

  • ME operating system? - No, me Matthew.
  • Windows ME is the most worry free operating system. What ME worry?
  • Windows Millennium is appropriately named as it is supposed to be the end of the world and all.
  • Bill Gates originally wanted to call it Windows Bill, but he settled on ME instead.
  • ME have good time with you hard drive.
  • Remember, its not about YOU (the user) it's all about ME (Bill).
  • The new name is an attempt to make users sound stupid to tech support: USER: "ME did something wrong". TECH: "I know you did"

Picture gallery Edit

Compaq computer matthew1231

^ This is a old Compaq computer from the late 1990s. ^

Win98 matthew1231

^ The Windows 98 Operating System Welcomes You! ^


^ The Wittgenstein Computer (TLW-728) based off of The Brave Little Toaster ^

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