Dietary Aide Adventures is a [fictional] game developed and created by Stefanie Games, Inc.

It is based on the work of a typical Dietary Aide in an Allentown Nursing home. The main character is named Stefanie, and you help her out with her daily Dietary Aide duties. You can earn your way up to more hours, money, and even a higher job. If you fail an activity, it may lead you to termination of your job.

Stefanie starts out as a Dietary Aide in training. You are trained by various other Aides, some with a lot more expierence. You can help cut the desserts and take the dishes. After a few starter levels, you then must work on the first floor alone. You must remember the codes for the elavator doors, dining rooms, etc.

Ways to earn points:

Correctly match the residents dinner tickets with the food in front of you.

Get all the work finished by or before 7:30 PM

Wash all the dishes in time, and set the tables correctly.

Don't forget that the 1st thing you must do is get the coffee pots, 1 regular, 2 decaf, and 2 hot waters. Also you must get the correct desserts depending on what floor you are working on that day.

Correctly navigating the dish/food carts through the hallways of residents without causing too much of a disturbance.

Ways to lose points, and possibly lose the job:

Let a resident out of the locked door to the dementia floor.

Forget to close a door, or let a resident who is knocking to come in, into the dining room.

Don't close the door in time before a resident gets a hold of it.

Give the wrong food/soup to a resident.

Break the dishes.

Fail or neglect to wash all of the dishes correctly or on time.

Crash the cart into a door, resident, or room, nurses station etc.

Fail to correctly get the temperatures of the food, refridgerator, dishwasher etc.


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