Digimon, in my, Wolf 's opinion, a whole lot better than Pokemon.

Digimon adventure and Digimon adventure 02 were the original two seasons, and the best in my opinion.

Wolf's favorite Digimon:Edit

Gatomon- She rocks!

Mangadramon- Gatomon's mega form- Rocks!

Lynxmon-Gatomon's armor digivolution with the Digi-Egg of Friendship

Flamedramon- Love his armor

BlackWarGreymon/WarGreymon- both are epic in their own way

Kyiubimon- Awesome

Renamon- coolness

Impelidramon Fighter/Palidian mode- Way too cool

Raidramon- Like Flamedramon love his armor

Hawkmon- He is so totally cute! Espically when he goes out of his way to get Yolei to chill out

Sylphymon- DNA Digivolution of Gatomon and Hawkmon's champion form Aquliamon.

D lear's favorite digimon:Edit

Syakomon- It's a sea creature and I think it's cute. Also have a figure of it.

Tylomon- Gatomon's armor digivolution with the Digi-Egg of Reliability

Swimmon- Need I say more?

Pupumon- I think it's cute.

Pukumon- it's a pufferfish and I think it's cool.

(Your Name's) Favorite DigimonEdit