I am here to tell you about the magical place called Downtown Allentown. I've been there plenty of times, yet don't go there all too often. I got my glasses from there though. :D Haha.

I had to go there today (7-8-13) to pay a bill. Yay I was very close to PP&L Building! Anyways on our adventure to get to that particular office, (there's soo many buildings around! Tall ones! :D HOORAY FOR THE CITY!) my mom & I met some very nice and helpful people! There was even a mailman there on the street! He actually said he did not work for the city, but the county! There's a Lehigh County mailman? So he goes...ALL over? Wow. Anyways he was very helpful and we found our way to the stupid place with the dumb woman and I finally got the bill thing solved!

Also they are building a hockey arena downtown as well. This BETTER be good. Well I do have a funny story from downtown! One time there was this guy asking my mom and I for money for bread. :D I do not see it as a bad or dangerous place. I see every place as equal and I see downtown Allentown as beautiful! :D I will now post some pictures of downtown Allentown from the net! I have some pictures that I took of it on the Cedar Beach Park page and also the Skyscrapers page. Thank you!

#iamasuperstar (talk) 03:54, July 9, 2013 (UTC)


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