I'm not sure if anyone else on here listens to music like I do. Have any favorite music albums? Ones that helped you through a lot? Fave songs? I always love to listen to entire albums, not just the singles. :) I may add pictures later, but I would need to find a way to fit in my fave albums and pictures into it all.

#iamasuperstar (talk) 18:37, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Stefanie's Edit

A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez & The Scene- I love all of Selena Gomez's albums, but something about this one stands out to me the most. It helped me through a LOT when I was in 10th grade. The album artwork/photos are so pretty! Just very unique. The songs are so pretty and danceable. I love the logo/font for that album as well. When I was in 10th grade, my handwriting kind of changed to that. Especially the W's and M's, i now always write them criss-cross thanks to this album! If you saw my handwriting you'd see what I mean. :)

Speak Now - Taylor Swift- This album is so beautiful! The pictures inside the booklet are stunning, not to mention that Taylor wrote EVERY song on that album by herself. I mean, that's just talent. And I have the Deluxe one, with even more songs, still all written by her alone. Another 10th grade album for me. The song "Enchanted" always made me cry after hearing it the first few times. "Innocent," man that song has my feelings written ALL over it, about one special time in my life in 10th grade.

Red - Taylor Swift- This album came just when I needed it. I mean, I NEEDED it. I had just started 12th grade, but so much had already happened. "I Knew You Were Trouble," is always going to be that ONE song that for me, it's the truth. Wow just so many school memories, ya know? Love it. I will never forget when I said, "The only thing I have to look forward to is Taylor Swift's new CD."

Femme Fatale - Britney Spears- Another 10th grade album. YES music was very important to me then, it still is now, then was just... *sigh* I admit, pretty much every song from this album reminds me of Ian. There. I said it. 

Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen- My Uncle Rick gave this to me, our last Christmas together. :( But this CD is really good! I just am a sucker for that current catchy pop music! It's my weakness! Such catchy stuff. :)

It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5- Again, another one my Uncle Rick gave to me. There are so many hits I love on this album! I will NEVER forget, "Wake Up Call" was playing on the radio when I was getting my braces on back in 2008, and the orthodontist was whistling it! Ahaha such good memories! Also, I will always love other songs from it, like "Makes Me Wonder," "Can't Stop," "I Won't Go Home Without You," and more!

Warrior - Ke$ha- I really love all of Ke$ha's music to be honest, wow. It's just so my style. Love it. I love pretty much all of her songs, but her new one Warrior is just...SO awesome! I love, "Crazy Kids," (I MUST sing this when it comes on! The album version is SO much better then the radio version!) I also love, "Dirty Love," "Die Young," "C'Mon," "Last Goodbye," "Thinking Of You," and more!

The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne- Wow middle school days! Love! I still listen to this album quite a lot! Love Avril!

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry- *sigh* Yes ANTOHER 10th Grade album! So many hits off of here I STILL love! I remember, my Uncle Randy got my this CD for my 16th birthday! He also owns it, and he was playing it in his car when he picked my mom up from the ER. It was Thanksgiving, my cousin Jackie was in labor with her first child, and my Uncle Randy had to pick my mom up at a different hospital! (One I was born at!) She was eating Thanksgiving Turkey and I guess it went down the wrong pipe, she went to the ER.... *sigh*...oh 2010, what did ya do to me?

I am not even sure if I can pick a favorite Demi Lovato album, but I will try to soon!

Independence Drive - The album is the same name as the band. I had to add this here! It's Ian! Anything Ian = love. (: ♥

The High Road - JoJo- I don't care if this came out in 2006 or not. I am thinking about 2006 a lot lately, actually, for some reason. My mom got me the special version of this CD for Christmas that year! I got a DVD with it! So happy! Still in 2013 do I play this wonderful CD. Love JoJo.

The 20/20 Expierience - Justin Timberlake- This CD already has helped me through a lot. It's so good! I love JT! And it has my favorite song on it, called "Mirrors." :)

Curtez's Favorite AlbumsEdit

Hybrid Theory, Meteora, & Collision Course w/ Jay-Z (EP) - Linkin Park

Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day

Stop, Drop and Roll!!! - Foxboro Hot Tubs

The Beatles- The Beatles

Aglio e Olio (EP) - Beastie Boys

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