Do you have words that you just love to say, write or spell? Do you like what they mean...or don't mean? Make a section for yourself and tell me your favorite words! I (Superstar) will go first! :)

Superstar's Fave WordsEdit

Love- I like how the word love has so many different meanings. You can love someone as a family member, a friend, neighbor...then there is romantic love, and you can love someone on so many different levels.

Ianie- Ian + Stefanie = ♥ Awesomest couple!! Ianie ianie ianie!!

Ianz-Funny way of spelling Ian lol

Piez-Best way of spelling pie!

Penii-LOL gotta love that word! Evelyn/Kenny made that one up lol.

Perhaps-I just think this word is funny. "Did you eat the last cookie??" "Perhaps..." LOL!! It's just a funny way of saying "Maybe I did and maybe I didn't!" :D

Bamboo-LOL that is so fun to say! BAMBOO!! LOL BAMBOOZ! :D XDXD

Shockwave- OK so on Google Chrome all the time it says: Shockwave has crashed...I am like WTP cause THEN it shows me a Puzzle Piece and it died! ;( See! (I am gonna regret putting that there cuz it's gonna mess up the page!)    

Futzing-My mom and uncle says I was "futzing around too much" when I was trying to fix something. It means like, "mess with" but i was like, "LOL futzing! ;D

Shooshily-IDK if this is a word or not, lol but my mom said, "You're too shushily!" I guess that is another way of spelling it? LOL I said, "I am shooshily? Hahaha!!" LOL! ;)                                                                                                                                                            

d_lear's favorite wordsEdit

I will add details later!

  • Triggerfish

Pea&eff's favorite wordsEdit

Best words ever.

@TechnoMattman's Favorite WordsEdit

  • Yvette- - a beautiful word about a beautiful girl.
  • Yipselgerpledink - I heard this from Hannah Montana or something, it was a guy talking about what his alphabet soup spelled out or something. I thought it was hillarious.
  • Sleep - I may like this one better than Yvette! Just kidding though, I'm very passionate about this one however.
  • Sleep - Just a reiteration.
  • Vowel - I don't even know why I like this word, XD
  • Bologna - This isn't even one of my favorites but it needs to be brought to attention. WHY IS THIS PRONOUNCED SO MUCH DIFFERENTLY THAN HOW IT LOOKS.
  • Bahumbug - My point of view of the world.-

Numbuh26/Wolf's Favorite WordsEdit

Wonky- IDK why I like it.

Hinky- Used by Abby from NCIS alot. She's my favorite character from that show. I have been told I am like a mixed of Abby and Ducky XD.

Chiz- iCarly brought it to my attention, now I use it alot.

Freaky-Deaky- Again IDK why I like it.

Jinkies- Love it!!!

Zoinks- Classic Shaggy.

Jeepers- Classic Daphne XD.

Kairikh's Favorite WordsEdit





More will be coming later.....................:D



bacon- this word is fun to say and eat

taboo- sounds kinda like bamboo and stefanie mentioned above hahaha

hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- fear of long words. OH THE IRONY

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- must i explain?

borf- i love dis word

clay- fun to say, and a special meaning :D

noodle- what a versatile word.....

derp- if it came from south park i like it LOL

and best for last...



Wackishly- You know, I made it up.

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