Did some funny stuff happen in your school? Feel free to post them here.

Anthony's Funny Stuff at SchoolEdit

1) During 8th Period, C-Asia's Para (Google Paraprofessional if you don't know what it is.) said that she was giving out preztels to the students who were writing. Then, I told my friend Nick that she sounded like Honey Boo-Boo's Mom because of the way she said preztels, when, she gave some to Nick, he said "Thanks, Boo." then, she said "Don't you call me that ever again!" and Nick said "But, I said Thanks, miss.". Then C-Asia's Para said "Okay, but, Lemme get something straight. I'm no one's boo! Whoever said that, if you ever call me that again I'll take your preztels and crush them and then shove them up your @$$. (Justine actually said half of the last part.)".

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