I have 3 uncles on my moms side (She has 3 brothers) 

Uncle Rick - (he is here as i am typing this) He lives in New York and loves nature. We usually talk on efaceboook or Yahoo Messenger, or on the phone. He has his funny, nice moments and also times where he can be mean, inconsiderate and he can get on my NERVES! He is divorced and has no kids of his own. He comes down to where I live and stays over for a few days every Christmas since I was about 4.

Uncle Carey - He is a nice guy, almost never mean, (but he can be VERY serious at times) and he has a wife and 3 kids. He is one of the teachers at my school, along with his son (my cousin) LOL it feels nice to have family at school! It's not all fun and games. Some good friends of mine have asked me, "Can you ask your cousin to give less homework?" :D LOL.

Uncle Randy - Most of you know him as "The uncle who was in the hospital that I was worried about." He is much better now I believe. :) He is married and has one daughter, and one adopted daughter. (His wifes daughter from a prevoius marraige) I feel like out of my 3 uncles, he is the one I am closest to. He knows the most about me and he lives closest to me as well.

I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 00:04, December 27, 2012 (UTC)


Uncle Rick:Edit

[Playing tic-tac-toe on his ipad]  I whooped his @$$ again! I think he has a blind spot!

Me: You whooped his @$$ in tac-tac-toe!? You're playing against the computer!


What the heck happened to your pillow?


Uncle Carey:Edit

The kids at school are buttplugs :p


Uncle Randy: Hey, It's your Uncle!Edit

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