This page is for Gretchen from Phineas and Ferb. Gretchen is one of the Fireside Girls whom frequently help out Phineas and Ferb with their big ideas. It is implied that Gretchen is the smartest of the Fireside Girls. She is shortest and most likely the lighest, of all the girls in the troop. She is the only one of the Fireside Girls to wear glasses. Her Cave-girl version did not wear glasses dispite the fact that both the Lawernce and Carl cave versions wore glasses. The 2nd Dimension version of Gretchen was the only Firestorm Girl to have a speaking line besides Isabella from the 2nd Dimension.

Many people hate the idea of Ferb/Gretchen pairing. People would much rather see Ferb paired with Vanessa. Well let's face it, Vanessa is WAY too old for Ferb.


A mish mash of Images of Gretchen from the show.


Gretchen with her best friend and scout leader, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

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