I think I speak for everyone, or most people when I say I wish some things about my life were different. I have been told not to wish that, and I say, "Well I wish it could be like one of those movies, I wish it and it swirls me into another reality where what I want came true, And if I don't like it, it swirls me back and I realize the importance of what I really do have." So here is my list of what I wish were a reality in my life or in the past.

#iamasuperstar (talk) 04:56, December 18, 2016 (UTC)

Stefanie's ListEdit

  1. Well first and foremost I wish I had my mom and dad still living. This is something that is abnormal for someone as young as me to have none of them left and no grandparents either. It literally will affect me for the rest of my life.
  2. Another thing I wish a lot was I could change the schools I went to. I loved Ritter so I wouldn't change that. And my Catholic Middle School was okay. I like my high school a lot but I always wanted to attend Liberty High School. I also always liked Nitschmann Middle School and my mom tried to get me to go to that school at one point but it didn't work out. So if I had it my way I would have went to Ritter, Nitschmann and Liberty.
  3. Usually John and I's 7 year age difference doesn't bother me. But I sometimes wish we were the same age, and I ALWAYS wish I could have went to Liberty with him. That is one BIG thing I wish I could change is I wish I could have went to school with Johnny. </3 One of my biggest fantasies is me and him falling in love in high school. I wish.
  4. If I had in my way, Bethlehem Steel would still be around and I would work inside Martin right now!
  5. I love my house, and it is definitely one of the nicer and bigger houses around my area. But I sometimes wish I had one of those beautiful symmetrical homes like the ones I see in Bethlehem. Damn those are really nice also. The nice ones I see that have like 3 floors and such. They're beauties.

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