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Welcome to the I Am a Superstar Wiki


This wiki was created by me, "I Am A Superstar!! : )" or me, Stefanie . My username sounds conceited, I know, but I do not think I am a superstar at all, it is a line from the Phineas and Ferb episode, "Tip Of The Day."

Anyway this is a site where Wikia users can edit or create pages on yourself or anything you like. It can be a game, a singer, a TV show, something they like to do, or even on themselves! I want you to have fun, enjoy yourself, and if any comments, requests, problems, questions, or concerns, please see my talk page/message wall, here.

Please read the site rules before posting.

Please also be sure to visit the spin-off to my wiki: , created by my good friend and admin on this site, Matthew1231 :)

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