Okay here I am just gonna rant now. I bought a laptop, my first ever laptop...and the thing is litterally falling apart. :( I call the company, they don't know what to do...they act like they can't do nothing. It's out of warranty, and I can't RENEW warranty because they took it away for the thing, because the freaking thing is quap and they know it. :( The Computer I Bought Is A Freaking Fail

OK then yesterday me and my mom waited in line at Boscov's at the mall to get a heater for our living room. We use t today, and WHATDYYA KNOW!! She does not want it. Now we gotta put it back in the box and return it to Boscov's! We just bought a smaller heater and we had to take it back to Walgreens! I am tired of taking things back after we spend all this time/money looking and buying it! I am tired of the warranty quap.

OH and ANOTHER thing that is ALWAYS faulty is my headphones! :'( I had these perfect pink headphones with nice soft perfect leather cousin coushins. HOWEVER YOU spell it, lol. Okay so these headphones are perfect, the music, (and anyone who knows me knows i need my music) the music sounds amazing through it, and what do you know? The one side is now lower then the other! :( I didn't even do anything to it! :( "It sounds like a short to me" my Uncle Rick says. I am tired of it! Then I am told to find the receipt and package and well everything, and to know the warranty to know if I am owed another one. People wonder why I flip out, or start crying. Nothing in life is guaranteed to work, EVER, and this is upsetting me so. :|

~Stefanie I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 03:24, December 30, 2012 (UTC)

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