I had a day with Paul (my dads cousin, as mentioned on the Guitar Players page and a few other pages...) and my mom! Since unfortunaetly my Uncle Rick died, we are going to soon have a memorial service for him. The place we have to go to is a bit far, and my mom was not quite sure exactly where it is. So Paul was nice enough to take us in his van to go and find the place. I took many pics along the way, and we also stopped at a few places where I also took pics! I took SOO many pics Paul kept saying, "You ever gonna put that camera down?" As usual, I took MUCH more pics then I will add on here. In mostly all of the galleries I add pics to, there is more I took, but just decided not to show. Well, uhh...enjoy I guess! :P


"A chew toy!?" "It's NOT a chew toy!!" ~ I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 06:10, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

LOL OH and Amie called! Paul answered it and he played  a little "game" with her, talking and messing around! Haha it was funny! He even got a little info about my, "crush" and I said his name RIGHT in front of my MOM! o: She is gonna have to deal with the fact that I like him. Paul said, "He could be the love of your life and you'd never know it!" o: :) 


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