I am feeling ready to make a page about my boyfriend, John! I will write about how we met, things about him and why he is so perfect for me.

His nicknames are Johnny, Johnny B, [formerly] Mustang Johnny, El Camino Johnny, El Camino Kid and JB. I always call him "Sweet Johnny!"

How we started talking was, on April 12th, 2015 he made a comment on my "Save Martin Tower" Facebook page. We were talking back and forth in the comments, and then we talked in private message. We had a lot in common, we both loved Martin Tower and Bethlehem Steel. We talked a lot about Bethlehem Steel and Martin Tower for awhile.

One night, I had figured out where he took the picture of Martin from, where about his house was located at. I was going to just drive by, but he had a "crazy bright flashlight" he wanted me to see if I could see it, and the first time I met him in person was behind his house. We talked for a long time outside, and then my Chevrolet Cavalier had a light come on, on the dash! I said to him, "Hey, you're good with cars, right? What does check gauges mean? ... OH...he is overheating!" I said. He told me to shut Junior off and he checked him out. Junior's fan motor went bad and like 2 days later my "uncle" Paul fixed it.

It was really great to meet John that night and talk, and that he took a look at my car. There was something about him, I knew I wanted him as a friend. A good friend. I asked to see him again the next day, so he met Amie and I at Target by my house. He was a nice person, I thought. Maybe he liked me? I didn't quite like him yet.

I really felt I started to like him when he and I hung out together at Martin Tower. He was really concerned about who had been breaking Martin's windows or drawing on him. I really liked how concerened he got. I looked at John's ass and it all went down from there. I was reeled in...I knew I liked him, even just a little bit. I had a feeling I thought maybe he liked me, the way he was looking at me.

The 4th time I saw him, he helped me out when my brake light was acting up. We met across from Martin and sat outside for a long time talking. He gave me a hug that night and I had a crush on him by then!

We then talked for awhile on Facebook, and I admitted I am attracted to Martin Tower. He was totally understanding and accepting of this, and said he feels a similar way about cars. I was so happy he understood me and liked me back. We then did a lot of flirting online until we saw each other again.

The 5th time I hung out with him, was like our 1st date for us. We walked around the Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnaces, held hands and talked for awhile. He held me outside, I sat on his lap admiring the view. When I got chilly he carried me to our cars. All the magic happened inside his truck. I only knew him a month and he literally swept me off my feet. That was May 12th 2015, we have been together ever since! ♥ #iamasuperstar (talk) 06:05, July 25, 2016 (UTC)

*Note To John*Edit

If you happen to see this, I really hope you like this! And I hope you don't mind the photos I added either. I love you. (: And sorry I repeated "he's so fine" like so many times, hehe. ♥

Gallery ♥Edit


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