Codename: Kids Next Door or KND as it is frequently abbriviated to, was a show on Cartoon Network. The show started with No P in the ool where Sector V of the Kids Next Door tried to put an end to Adlut Swim with the end results of the main pool being destoryed. The first episodes bad guys were Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb. The show ended with Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. Every episode since No P in the ool has been called Operation:, and what ever acycronm was used.

The operatives, given Numbuhs or Numbahs, work in different areas of the globle often reporting to the Kids Next Door Moonbase which is located, of course, on the moon. Sector V and Sector W are shown to be in close proximity to each other as the older sister of Patrick 'Paddy' Fulbright aka Numbuh/Numbah 85, Frances 'Fanny' Fulbright aka Numbuh/Numbah 86, Head of Decommissioning, attends the same school as the members of Sector V.

The leader of the KND is decided in a game of tag or if someone is willing to take the position. Numbuh/Numbah 362 aka Rachel T McKenzie was the only KND Operative to be Supreme Leader twice. Rachel T. McKenzie's name was based off of her voice actress's, Rachel McFarlane (Who Voices Hayley in American Dad, and is the sister of Seth McFarlane).