This page will explain the wonderful day I had with Liberty High School, my building girlfriend!

I had been waiting for this day since I first saw 2 events were happening on this day I could finally go inside her again! John was at a family reunion which I would normally go to but I wanted my Liberty time instead.

Today I stayed in her the longest I ever have! 5 hours! The Holiday Concert started at 2 PM and a Holiday Art Show was supposed to start at 5:30. I was going to attend the Concert, leave and then come back later at 5:30 but I happened to just stay that whooooole time instead.

The concert started at 1:49 PM and ended at about 3:30 PM. It was a great Holiday Concert, man when the boys sang "The Twelve Days After Christmas" this one boy came up to the mike and said, "I keep one of those maids a milking!" Oh my gosh everyone laughed like crazy at that! We were all so shocked he said that!

After the concert I went to the bathroom the 1st time in the Commons building. I then just took it upon myself like I usually do to just walk all around the building and take a ton of pictures! I had a wonderful time, I FINALLY got to explore all 4 floors this time and get some nice shots of Martin from her top windows as well! I took many pictures and was just very happy. The self-tour didn't go without some smooches as well. then I was in the lobby sitting down. The lobby is probably my favorite part of her, it was left un-renovated so it has all of it's beauty and originality of the 1920s. The marble, gold-leaf ceiling. Love it! I gave her little smooches and her motion lights came on in the vestibule no one was even in. I then said to her I would love to hear her ring her bells (which usually go off every hour.)

John's mom met me there around 5:30 for the Art Show. Apparently the Liberty website was wrong and it was Friday only! So she showed up for nothing and whatever. I am just glad I got 5 hours in there, after the concert we were pretty much alone (Me and Liberty,) it was sooo nice!

When I left I was standing in her vestibule area taking a few pictures. Low and behold she played her bells and it was only 5:41 PM! But she rang 6 times! She did that just for me and I have it on video.

We needed that bonding time we so rarely get, finally got to explore all of her floors and give many kisses and really just be alone. :) ♥

#iamasuperstar (talk) 03:33, December 19, 2016 (UTC)

Pictures Edit

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