OK you have to matter WHO you one point or another in your life you have had a crush on SOMEONE! Whether it was a celebrity, an animal, a cartoon or a classmate, you have liked at least ONE person! I am going to copy and paste a list of my crushes I have had over the is from a personal diary of mine on the computer...I made this probably about a year ago...well here goes: I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 18:31, October 4, 2012 (UTC)

Superstar's Crushes Edit

1.) John Ritter (4- Present)…he was my first crush at a very young age since Three’s Company.

2.) Inspector Gadget (5 or 6- Present)…I saw him…Matthew Broderick and I have always liked him. I still do, but mostly when he was younger.

3.) Spy Fox (5-9) (Present)…I loved how suave the Slyful fox was…very debonair.

4.) 3! 2! 1! Penguins Penguin (7-8)…I don’t even remember his name at the moment…I think I was trying to let go of Spy Fox so…I chose some fat-muscular Penguin…Zigel! That was his name if I remember correctly…Zigel!

5.) Elliott Yamin (11-Present)…I loved his voice and looks on American Idol…even though I remember he is 16 years apart from me. I still like the guy…but not as much.

6.) James (11-Present)…He started out as “a boy who sits next to me”, but he soon became the biggest crush I ever had in middle school. I still like the guy I’m sure, and I might never get over him…but I know I will never forget him.

7. ) Roddy St. James (11-13)…His mouse looks and Hugh Jackman voice got the best of me I guess…still a little embarrassing when I look back on it.

8.) Billy Idol (12-13)…This came shortly after and at the same time as Roddy…he played “Dancing With Myself” that became my fave song and I thought I had a crush on him. I really think it was just I liked the music.

9.) David Henrie (13- Present)…This is a real crush. He is good looking and an O.K. actor I guess…one day I just…liked him and I would rather hate him now but I don’t. I still like the guy and I think I always will.

10.) Jason Dolley (12 - Present)…You gotta admit he is still a cutie. One of the few Blondes I have a crush on! At one time I thought I “loved” him more than David. I still like him but at one time he was a distraction from David. It did not work.

11.) Ian Altwater (15-Present)…You know who that need to explain it any further. :)

12.) And last but not least…

Vincent Martella (16-Present)…The most recent and confusing crush! I find out more about him everyday. I heard his voice as Phineas Flynn now for years! I saw him once barely on Everybody Hates Chris…then recently on Disney 365. I was like, “Oh HE is the guy who plays Phineas? Wow I would not have expected him to be that cute!” Here we are now! Present!

Numbuh26's/Wolf's CrushesEdit

1. Angel Villa- (Age 6- 11) I had the hugest crush on him. In fourth grade we were the students of the week together, I was estatic about that. I drew him X-Veemon and Flamedramon, mind you that was back when I could draw characters free hand.

2. The lead singer of the BackStreet Boys, Nick Carter, I think ( 8-10). He was cute back then XD.(yeah,yeah I know I got the wrong Carter but I know I really liked the lead singer of the BSB)

3. Jesse McCartney (12-14) He has a great voice.

4. Not telling you XD.

FluttershyBracelet12345678910 CrushesEdit

1. James Maslow. He sings really good. (present)

2. Jason Dolley. He is a really good actor (present)

3. Bradley Steven Perry. I don't know a reason for Bradley. (present)

4. Leo Howard. I have to admit I like him a lot. (present)

5. Joe Jonas. I really liked his hair back then. (when he was in jonas l.a.)

6. Kendall Schmidt.<3 (present)

7.Billy Unger. (present)
8. Josh Hutcherson (bridge to Teribithia)
9. Louis Tomlinson (ALWAYS)
10. Harry Styles (Always)
11.Niall Horan (Always)
12. Logan Henderson (present)
13.Carter Sherrif OMG OMG OMG HE SO CUTE :) (since i met him)

CDK2001's CrushesEdit

  • Alyson Stoner- The voice of Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, and a wonderful singer!
  • Stefanie - The girl who introduced me to this wiki.
  • Bulma- From Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z

Travisplatypus' CrushesEdit

  • Kasie Flores (6 - I forgot) When I was 6, I bumped my head on the playground at school and then Kasie came and was very nice to me. So, I become friends with her. We became the bestest of friends and at school I even gave her a Christmas present in front of the whole class. I eventually got over it and then in 4th grade my friend, Trevor wanted to know my crush so I wrote him a note and he hid it where everybody found it and made fun of me. Ironically, now I hate Kasie.