Maroon 5 1

Maroon 5! :D

This page is about the band Maroon 5. Me and My Friend Evelyn Simpson like them a lot! I have their album "It Won't Be Soon Before Long." I remember thier song "Wake Up Call" was playing when I was getting my braces on and the dentist was singing it. Well, more like whistling it. Haha! OK Ev, your turn to write something! :)

Evelyn's Point of view:Edit

i love maroon 5! my favorite band/singer! at the dentist, when i was getting my extractions, mom said she'd buy me one f there album and she didnt yet! anyhoo, here are my fvorte songs by thm!

  1. Misery
  2. this love
  3. sunday morning
  4. she will be loved
  5. makes me wonder
  6. moves like jagger
  7. wake up call
  8. stutter
  9. payphone
  10. wont go home without you
  11. out of goodbyes