First off, I am not being forced to do this. My address is 3 2 1 PLEH.

Second off, this is about Matt. I should've named this Matt. Oh well.

Fun Facts: •His initials are MGR, which is an abbreviation for Manager and also one letter away from LGR, aka a Youtuber we both enjoy. •Him and I (Yvette) have been dating since 1/4/16.

THE REASON HE'S SUCH A SWOOD MASTER OKAY Well, to start with, he's incredibly sweet, and he's pretty stinking handsome too. I get the whole package. Gaze in awe, ladies. He's very shy, but talks a lot once you get to known him. (Don't worry, that's a good thing.) He enjoys old music (like me!) and retro stuff (like me!) and food (like me!) and he's just a lot like me.


As forementioned, he's incredibly sweet. He's also smart, but laziness always prevails. (Love you! :)) He's also got a certain charm about him that made me fall in love with him. And a cute stutter. :) I would like to post some pictures, but alas, the mobile layout prevents me from doing so. So that's a little bit about Matt. (Matthew is a boy that goes to my school aka Vegan Boy. Matt loves pork chops and cheese and other animal things.  :)

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