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Okay, so I felt the need to write a story, I also need a out come of my thoughts. This book story will hopefully be entertaining to read and enjoyable.

Please note this story does have some cursing. You have been warned.

SON OF A...Pixel!

Chapter OneEdit

It was a dark and stormy night. It was the perfect night for a metaphor that was… dark for some reason. A man was sitting in his bed writing a story much like the author is doing right now writing this very page. He has somehow even less of an idea of what to write than the author himself. Nonetheless his page is much more filled than the page you are reading somehow. The man’s name? Rhett Skyward. He’s half asleep at his keyboard and suddenly FLASH, a bright light and loud bang. Rhett ducks under a table, could this be the event from years of war that would wipe out all of mankind?! He cowers under his desk in fear of complete nuclear annihilation, and he then realizes if they actually did drop a nuke he’d already be dead by this point. The knucklehead happened to forget that it was a dark and stormy night like I said earlier and didn’t realize it was lightning. Either way the power was out, which totally blows.

The rain clears up surprisingly quickly, perhaps for the sake of keeping the story moving along but the author just realized that he was breaking the fourth wall too much already so… It cleared up by the power of MAGIC! It’s still wet out though. Anyway, Rhett is inside his small apartment thinking that it normally takes the electric company so long to come to his house to fix stuff when the power goes out that it’d be faster to do by himself. It’d be important that he gets this done fast because the company he is submitting the paper that was just interrupted to needs it by no later than 8 Am, and it’s two in the morning right now. Not even knowing how to flip a circuit breaker, he heads out with a pair of pliers thinking it should be easy enough to fix this.

Our protagonist heads outside to the local electric pole. He takes a step up onto the pole and immediately slips off due to the thing still being wet and him only being in his slippers. For some reason the blow to his head didn’t smack any sense into him so he continues to climb. He makes it to the top of the for some reason forty foot high pole, thankfully he isn’t scared of heights or else he’d be afraid of faLLING LOOK OUT-- he regains his balance. After that terrifying ordeal he opens up the gray transformer box and tries to move around some of the wires, surely one of these would send the great prayer to Our Lady of Fair Electronics and bring the city back to light. It doesn’t. What happens is it brings himself to light in a giant spark. He falls and gets his foot caught on one of the wires and zip lines safely to the ground… until the wire snaps and lands on him sending 7,200 volts of energy through his immediately unconscious body. Ambulances are called and he is taken to the nearest hospital where he is declared too crispy to be a member of the mortal coil, dead… Or so they think...

Chapter 2

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Rhett is still very unconscious, but somehow he is quite alert yet unable to do anything at all. Even make his heart beat. He hears what is apparently a doctor.

“Well that’s it, two-fifteen, I’m calling it,” says aforementioned doctor, “what kind of moron thinks that whatever he was doing was a good idea?”

“I heard he was putting a fork in an electric socket or something,” says another doctor apparently on the other side of the room.

“Whatever, just send him down to the morgue, you get the paperwork.” said the first doctor.

The two walk out at the same time. Suddenly, Rhett jolts up, still dead but clearly lively. He takes a massive yawn and gets up from the table. He glances at his surroundings, realizing he was in some hospital of some sort and was hooked up to a bunch of machines, he takes a look to the screen next to him and comes to a shocking realization. He is not, in fact alive. He screams at the top of his non-breathing lungs and begins to panic. He frantically yanks all of the wires and tubes off of him and runs through the nearest door to the hallway screaming.

“I’M NOT DEAD, I’M NOT DEAD, I’M CLEARLY RUNNING!” he exclaims to himself still trying to get a grasp on the situation, “wait, I’m running, I’m obviously still ali--”

He’s interrupted by people around him screaming now. He’s gone and done it, they think he’s a zombie. Rhett gulps and his eyes go wide, and he realizes: I need to get out of here.

Somehow, a group of people behind him have already formed an angry mob, with pitchforks and torches from the local Ron’s Riot Warehouse which was just about to go out of business. Product placement aside, Rhett is about to be more dead already if he doesn’t figure out a way to get the hell out of here. A pan is thrown at the back of his head and someone yells out “DIE ZOMBIE!” He almost falls over in pain but runs to the nearest elevator. The door immediately slams behind him before anyone else even gets the chance to get in and it goes downstairs so fast that he could’ve sworn it was about to fall out of the shaft and he was going to die again. It stops at the lobby very hard and his head almost bounces to the ceiling, disoriented he starts running again out of the door of the building. There he sees an entire fleet of police cars headed for him.

“WHAT THE HELL, I DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL!” is the primary thought that runs through his mind, but he obviously had to keep running if he didn’t want to be locked up for no reason. The cop cars come up within about four-hundred feet of him but somehow shut off. “WHAT?!” he thinks. A cop comes out running at him with a tazer, the wires come out and stick him, but thankfully no electricity. Instead the officer himself holding the handset gets shocked, “DOUBLE WHAT?!”

He ducks down in an alley and the police cars all go by passing not knowing he’s in the shadows. He hides her petrified for what had to have been a few hours, by the time he heard a police scanner in a building dangerously close behind him saying that the pursuit had been called off and that the officers should return to patrol, it was daylight out. Throughout the time this had been going on the thought had been going through his mind, what the hell is going on?

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