Lovely pic and background.

Miley Cyrus has been someone I have liked and admired since I was about 11, so it has been quite a few years. Hannah Montana was one of my FAVE shows!! She is such a good singer, and her show brought me so much happiness when I was younger.

I still have lots of Hannah merchandise, and Miley's music really cheers me up. I love how she is not afraid to be who she is...she does not care what anyone thinks...she lives her life to the fullest. I saw her movie "The Last Song" in theatres with My Friend, and it was so sweet and such a touching movie. It also brought her love with her handsome fiancee Liam Hemswoth!


>>Fast Forward to 2014, I am now 19 and I STILL love Miley! I love her album "Bangerz," it has emotional songs as well as dance and party songs! I love it! Also I love her short, blonde hair, it is so pretty. c:

I always love her "Wrecking Ball" song! I sing it alllll the time it comes on! Never gets old to me! I also love to watch the Concert DVD I have of hers, so many amazing songs and great memories with watching it! :) <3 

My fave Miley SongsEdit

Liberty Walk

I'll Always Remember You

See You Again

I Miss You

Take Me Along

Permenant December

Can't Be Tamed

and more coming soon!

I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 22:57, October 31, 2012 (UTC)

On My Own

Wrecking Ball

When I Look At You


We Can't Stop

Love, Money, Party

Do My Thang  - [I loooove Do My Thang!]


The Climb


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