Just wanted to make a page dedicated to my two building "baes," my two favorite buildings ever. My building boyfriend Martin Tower and my building girlfriend Liberty High School.

You all know Martin from when I fell in love with him and we have been dating since May 2013, 3 and a half years ago now.

Liberty High School is the 2nd closest high school to my house, so I couldn't attend her. I had to attend the "cube high school," as I call it LOL. Liberty is one of the oldest high schools around us, and definitely the most beautiful!!! All my life driving past her I always admired her and thought, "dang, that is one beautiful high school, I wish I could go there." Lucky John attended that school. I only wish I could have. I get jealous of anyone who attends or attended Liberty, or went to school with John. So if someone got to do both, boy do I get mad! Luckily now I work for the BASD so there is a chance I can work in Liberty some day.

March 10th I was hanging around outside Liberty one night, and her door was ajar just for me! I got to peek inside her and stand in her small open area inside. I took that as a possible sign she likes me and accepts me too. March 19th was the official day that I got to go inside Liberty. I brought John along. It was the first time he went inside since he graduated from there. Everyone in John's family, including John, doubted there was a way we could get a personal tour. The reason we were there was the Alumni Band Concert inside the auditorium.

I naturally started to wander a bit and hug her walls, feel her and get to know her. She is the only other building I ever was shaky inside besides Martin. Well what do you know, we met a custodian named Joy, and she started talking about the cafeteria. I said, "Can we see said cafeteria?" and she said, "Sure!" John was very surprised. We got a tour of most of the building, and I took many pictures! John took some pictures of me inside Liberty also. Liberty gave me a small pearl and I took that as a sure-fire sign she likes me! When we left, John said to me outside the front door, "Okay...I HAVE to ask do you always get tours of buildings that are hard to get into!?" I said, "I told you, if it is meant to be it will just...happen for me!"

Below is pictures, there are some spelling and errors in them but it isn't alowing me to correct them now for some reason, sorry about that.

#iamasuperstar (talk) 19:06, November 5, 2016 (UTC)

Stefanie's Buildings ♥Edit

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