I have noted that there is no Fictions on Gretchen and Carl, and not in a sick preverted way Sickos......

And It will be updated frequently.

Carl Karl glanced up at the clock, it was well past midnight.

Well so much for the movie marathon He thought as he streched out his limbs. He chckled softly at the sight of his ten year old cousin on the couch with her arms wrapped around her German Shepard puppy.

The puppy named Giest lifted her head up to regaurd the college aged young man.

"Its okay Agent G, I won't blow your cover" Carl whispered quietly.

Giest cocked her head before nodding, knowing full well that the Intern would keep his word. Geist settled back down. She had only recently graudated from the Ogranzation Without a Cool Aycromn's training academy.

"CARL" Came Major Mongram's voice unexpectedly from Carl's wristwatch communicator.

"Ahh" Yelped Carl at a very loud volume, Carl quickly clamed his hands over his mouth. Giest was staring down the Intern.

Carl was frozen for a few moments as Gretchen Adler (1) simply rolled over. Carl sighed with relief, before turning his attention to the Major.

"What is it Sir" Carl inquired

"You have Agent G with you, why?" Monogram inquired harshly.

"My cousin is staying with me for a few days sir" Carl responded quickly, as he panned the wrist commnicator over his cousin. Major Monogram nodded slightly, he had recived a report that the young girls parents would be out of town for two weeks.

"Carl you do realize that she cant find out about OWCA, or her memories of the Second Dimension Fiasco might come back" Monogram stated.

"Sir I realize that. You she could be a prospective technological person for the OWCA," Carl said as he slowly walked back to his room.

"How old is she exactly?" Monogram inquired.

"She's ten, sir," Carl replied.

"By that time Wanda might be looking for an intern," Monogram mused.