Odd name for my TV Show.

#iamasuperstar (talk) 04:50, June 19, 2013 (UTC)


Stefanie A.

Christy A.


Amie (she should have her own page on here!)

Uncle Rick

Ian Altwater

Miss. Brunner



Xavier (He was a main character at one point)

Mr. Aretz (LOL my photography teacher)

There are major and minor characters I can add later. LOL

Season 1Edit

Pretty much is when I started Freshman year at school. I met Rebekah, Becki, Jenelle, and plenty of other friends.

Season 2Edit

Sophomore Year! I met Amie, Jael, Victor, Kiana, Evanesce, Josh, and more! I was in my 2nd year of photography. This was when I had my 3rd and 4th recurrent Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Was hospitalized twice, had a chest tube put in once, and then a 2nd time. Pretty much went though the most horrifying time in my life.

Season 3Edit

11th grade year! I was NOT myself at all. Did not have the best classes, teachers, and not many friends. Boring. OH! But this WAS the Season I met Jyerr! That was definitely a plus!

Season 4Edit

VERY eventful season! One of the main characters left for awhile! Actually, wow, a lot of new characters came and a lot of the characters left! :o All worked out in the end. Well, I CAN get a bit more detailed lated but these are the basics so far.

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