With all of the recent talk of Evelyn planning to (also suceeding at) leaving Wikia until forever, recently (well, like a month ago) she apparently attempted to shut down her personal wiki . Luckilly, she did not succeed, but in case if she tries to pull a stunt like that again, imma archive one of my favorite pages from it. @TechnoMattman

my neighbor kevin is a comic strip[ made by evelyn. it is an awesoem thing made using microsoft paint. it get a lot laughs from it too. it alway consist of 4 pannels opne with kevin, one with the 3 firned based charcters, Evelyn , Sam , and Brianna. one with the kids doing somthing to aggravate kevin, and on with the running gag, "YOU ROTTEN KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you can tell that i suck at drawing by lookign at it. all of the charcters are based pn real pepople. including kevin, a guy who lives acroos the street, except his name isnt kevin.


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