Nintendo 3DS is the eighth generation gaming handheld console realesed in March 27, 2011.

Nintendo 3DS
This is what I wanted but Nooo, They didn't have it.

Release date(s)

JP February 26, 2011

EU March 25, 2011

NA March 27, 2011

AU March 31, 2011




Nintendo 2DSEdit

Nintendo 2DS is a design that everybody dislikes. It looks great for a door holder though. It's only like 20% cheaper or whatever. It's still expensive. Some people say it's for ages 6 and under. Even if it is I still hate it. Removing the 3D effect I sorta understand, but making flat is just stupid. There's a 3D slider for a reason, people. What's the point of making it flat anyway?


Look at it! You can't even fit it in your pocket!

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