Ok So like most Fanfiction Writers, I, Numbuh26, aka Shadow26Robot ( aka Robot Wolf 26Z (, have a few OC's that are going to be listed here.

Phineas and Ferb Oc(s):

Soren Rodman

Age: Same as Phineas and Ferb

Appearence: Teal hair, honey colored eyes, and fair skinned.


Soren as a kid with a surprised expression.

Soren Rodman- Anime style

Soren as a teen in Anime style.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic OCs:

Nova Burst

Age: techincally over a thousand, but physically younger than Luna but older than the Mane Six

Appearence (Pony form): Dark grey coat, electric blue, lime green, hot pink and jet black mane, white wings with black tips, and a horn the same color as her coat

Appearance (Human): Camoflauge pants, black tee, black combat boots. Electric blue, lime green, hot pink, and jet black spiky hair. White wings with black tips. A grey sword.

Mint Chocolate

Age: Same as the Cutie Mark Cruasders

Appearence (pony): Dark chocolate coat. Mint green and brown mane. Green tipped wings and broken horn same color as coat.

Appearence (Human): Brown shirt, grey jeans, grey combat boots. Black wings. Mint green and black hair.

Personality: She's a bit meschivious. She's more outgoing than CeCe, but has a great respect for Nova Burst. She is unable to use magic so her broken horn doesn't bother her.

Mint Chocolate 6

An uncertain Mint Chocolate.

Candy Cane

Age: Same as Mint Chocolate

Appearence (Pony): red and white coat and mane. Red wings and horn.

Appearence (Human): REd shirt, blue jeans white shoes. Red wings and sword.

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