Wulf Duh!

My dA Avatar. Wulf from Danny Phantom. His expression says Duh!

Yeah Yeah I know I know. Call me Numbuh26, 26, Numbuh, or the most preffered Wolf. Oh geez where to start? Where to start? Hmmmm........

If you are still in High School, chances are that I am older than you. If you have graduate from College then chances are that you are older than me. If you can't guess my age from that don't really bother with asking because I have a thing about the age deal. If you are in the P&F Wikia Chat when someone irritates me I will more than likely state my age to get a point across, which happens once in awhile. Not going to state the year either XD.

Music Edit

My music tastes vary. Most times the music I listen to depends on my mood.

My favorites musicians:

BackStreet Boys - BSB - Classic Boy Band

Pink - Love her music

Avril Lavinge - her song Sk8r Boi came out on my B-day in 2002 XD.

Jonas Brothers - Good Music

Kelly Clarkson - Again Good Music

Reba McEntire - Ah good olde Country music

Dolly Parton - Another most excellent Country Music singer

Jordin Sparks- Lovely voice

TV ShowsEdit

Digimon Ah this one takes me back, Watched it constantly when I was younger. I even had the card game, but all my cards were stolen.

Pokemon i liked the first two regions but now it has gotten redundent.