Oh Evelyn , Oh Evelyn! 

Will you smack a bald dude

Oh Evelyn, Oh Evelyn,

Will you get martin tower Not only horny when bald guys are here ,

But also when it's happy and funtimes.

Oh Evelyn, Oh Evelyn,

Wil you smack a bald dude!

Oh Ocredan, Oh Ocredan ,

will you marry stefanie and have happy funtimes her in bed!

Oh Cdk, Oh Cdk , Will you have happy funtimes yourself in bed!

For every sexual on this song ,

Brings to us all horny and sexy .

Oh Matthew , Oh Matthew,

How would you have happy funtimes with your own PC!


You will smack Ian in the bald spot !

Just Take a metal steel bat You can shove it up his bunshole

Martin Tower is shining It has a big bald spot on his door No one like bald dudes will get smacked

Oh martin , Oh martin ,

You will smack a bald dude in the balls! End

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