Many years ago, when the I Am A Superstar wiki was a bustling netscape of happy users, there once was a user active by the name of Chasefontenot, also known by his second account as Dashiefan101. This man rose to the top of the wiki user hierarchy eventually becoming a buearucrat. As such, wackiness of course ensued and chaos was wreaked all throughout IAAS chat, eventually causing chat to be closed for a extended period, as seen in Re-Enabling Chat. He was eventually forgiven and chat returned to normal...

Around the end of 2013, with major life changes going on for founder Stefanie, the wiki went onto it's infamous two-year hiatus period in which most of the users went inactive and some were never to be seen again.

You'll never guess who was included in this list.

Albeit, he has in fact been spotted a few times. These were all from anonymous IP-based posts. One of the most recent being to Stefanie's wall, reading:

I haven't been here in forever. LOL. I'm mostly on Google+ now. Sorry.

A very vague message from November 2014, nontheless reassuring us he was at least somewhat active. After that, another period of absolutely nothing until on July 7th of 2015, he (once again anonymously) posted on to his own Dashiefan101 message wall:

Jeez, I haven't been here In forever. I can't remember my password. I've changed a lot since I was last here. I'm still alive. Chase is still up and kicking. ;)

This was his final post and then he once again disappeared into the night...

Now, as earlier stated, Chase was primarilly more active on Google+. No one else actually using Google+ other than to sign into their YouTube accounts never felt the necessity to drop him a line and he is now inactive on that site as well. He has his own Facebook page which I will not disclose for privacy reasons, but rest assured he is inactive here as well. With nearly no personal posts on his wall, Stefanie tried to contact him but to no avail.

So, we ask you, Wikia user remaining after the mid-2016 reunion, if you by any chance have any leads as to where the magnificent beast of Chase can now be trailed, please leave any information you may have in the comments.

We thank you, ---The I Am A Superstar Wiki Administrative Board

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