Hi guys! I do not know if any of you will care or this may be another page that is just a nice reference for me. But I am here to make a page on the state I am from. Pennsylvania! 

I happen to think we have a lot of great things here! Every state in the US is different, and I happen to think Pa has it all. I will now go through and list some of the cities, and say the awesome things we have here! I will also try to add some pics, either ones I took or ones off the net. 

"A chew toy!?" "It's NOT a chew toy!!" ~ I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 04:47, March 10, 2013 (UTC)

The State ItselfEdit

  • It has Connor in it. :p And many other awesome people, SOME who are listed here.
  • It has some nice schools.
  • We have Tastykakes and A-Treat Soda. 
  • We have Philly Cheesesteaks (Not JUST in Philadelphia!)
  • Hershey Park! A theme park based on the chocolate!
  • The street where the president of the US lives is named Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • We have some nice local bands/musicans if you know what I mean. ;)
  • Redner's Warehouse Market! It's not just in Pa, there is also ones in Delaware and Maryland too. :p 


  • It has me!
  • We have the PPL building. (Or, PP&L, which stands for Pennsylvania Power and Lights. It's our Power Company.) It's a BIG building that you can see from anywhere around here. Even in other cities, you can see it. I am like, "I am not even in Allentown and I can see it!" I think it's a cool landmark.
  • We have the 8th Street Bridge. When it was built in 1913, it was the longest and highest concrete bridge in the WHOLE world!!! :) The only downside is some people do jump off and die. :| It amazes me how high it is. :)
  • We have Dorney Park! The only one in the world! Snoopy is the main mascot. :)
  • We have Zandy's Steak Shop
  • Every summer, right before school starts up again, we have The Great Allentown Fair!
  • Merchant's Square Mall, I like it there a lot!
  • The South Mall is a cool Mall. :p I was there with Amie once too haha. 
  • The singer Billy Joel wrote a song called, "Allentown," about our city and the surrounding cities! :o)
  • The headquarters for A-Treat Soda is here!
  • We have Coca-Cola Park! It is a baseball stadium right here, close to where I live. We have kind of a weird name for the team, "Lehigh Valley IronPigs" haha!  
  • We have a local hot dog place called Yocco's, and it was started in Allentown. :D There are several locations around here but it was started here. :)


  • They have Musikfest! It is one of the biggest music celebrations in the US.
  • I was born there!
  • Kirkland Village is here! (Where I volunteer at!)
  • They have the Martin Tower! It's a big building, apparently bigger then our PPL one. >:( Anywho, it was used for many businesses, but as of now I think sadly it is vacant. It's a good landmark though.
  • Marshmallow Peeps are made here! The factory, named, "Just Born," is right in Bethlehem.
  • Main Street is a very beautifully done up street with a variety of different shops all around! When the weather is nice I love to walk up and down and shop around. I took pics on Main Street one night.
  • Bethlehem Steel i love you! 


  • Lehigh Valley Mall! I go there all the time!
  • Old Country Buffet! My fave restaurant!
  • They just built a Golden Corral here too, but there are others in the US haha.
  • Whitehall Mall, which I think needs to have more shops built into it. :p
  • My friend Becki is from here!


  • Again, Philly Cheesesteaks haha.
  • Where the Declaration Of Independence was signed, and where a lot of other important things in history happened.
  • National Constitution Center


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