Bahaha! Look at Phineas's face!! :D

Phineas and Ferb is my favourite cartoon, it is the reason why I am on Wikia. I was searching something about it one day, and this site kept popping up. I decided to make an account, and obviously I made my username Phineas and Ferb related. I had Doof's voice in my head, "I am a superstar!! AHH It won't stop flushing!!" I wrote, "I Am A Superstar!!" and I was having a good day so I added the ..... ": )"

I edited a few pages I had knowledge on, then I found "Chat" and I am so glad that I did! I have made MANY friends from there, and most of them have made edits to my wiki! I also have done a lot of editing and chatting on other wikis.

My fave character...I like mostly all of them but I would say I like Phineas the best. I have a crush on his voice actor Vincent Martella so...he is my fave. I loved the movie AT2D! It made my day I had a great summer because of it! I love the song, "Kick It Up A Notch." It proves cartoon know how to rock, besides other cool episodes like "The Baljeatles."

Cute pic of Isabella and Phineas hugging!

Phineas in tuxedo

Cute Phineas.


I think this is EPIC!!!!! Comment what you think? Thanks! :)

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LOL!! :D