Phineas Flynn

Phineas Travis Flynn, the hero of Danville.

Phineas Travis Flynn is a 12 year old from the city of Danville. Wanting to seize the day, he never stops at trying to make every day the best day ever. With his step-brother, Ferb, he does the impossible that no one would think of doing. From building a rollercoaster to saving an alternate dimension from an evil villain, to being stranded in a world of talking ponies, Phineas will never step down from a challenge. Not the brightest when it come to romance, Phineas is often at the mercy of playing dumb to the emotions of Isabella, the princess of Danville. As she has had a crush on him for years, Phineas has known of it and has often enough gotten annoyed of it over the years he grew up. But besides that, he is a loyal friend to her, Princess Gretchen, and the Fireside Guards, often helping them out of trouble. Phineas is also very athletic, being known to pull off many mid-air feats that he has learned from playing video games. Phineas wishes to be a musician when he is older ever since he started Phineas and the Ferbtones. He has also been given a job at the OWCA as a gadget engineer, creating new agent gadgets for the OWCA agents to use in battle against LOVEMUFFIN. He also holds a special bond with Perry, also known as Agent P. At times when Perry is in trouble, Phineas dashes to the rescue, often times than not freeing Perry from the trap Doof has caught him in. While he isn't a fighter, Phineas does hone his intelligence in rewiring machines to self-destruct, often times more than not, on the villain than himself. But, if things get worse than what past worse could be, Phineas will defend his friends from danger. Even if it means fighting with his fists. He is a natural born leader of his group that he calls Team Fireside. He is courageous and adventurous. Often going headfirst into danger before thinking. He on-going optimism and curiosity often times gets the best of him, leading him to a state of sadness. Phineas is rarely angered, but few specific things make him angry: betrayal, bullies, himself and his friends being hurt. Only twice has Phineas been angry towards his family. Noting what he has done in the past has made him feel guilt for how he treated Candace and Perry. Apologizing to them, he regained their trust from his anger. While in Equestria, Phineas is a Pegasus Pony/Human, and has a rivalry with Rainbow Dash. He is best friends with Twilight Sparkle, and helps her out on many tasks no normal human could do alone. Phineas has the essence of speed while in Equestria, thanks to his wings. His speed almost rivals Rainbow Dash, and by practice, Phineas gets better every day. No matter what, Phineas will be there for his friends.

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