Just wanted to make this page to mark the current popularity of this new game, well it's an App actually.

It came out...July 7th I think...uhh I should have done my research before making this LOL.

I first played it Friday July 8th at John's house. I downloaded it on my iPod so I have to have Wi-Fi to play it anyways. I caught...whichever one is the orange dragon with the fire-y tale. He was sitting on John's lap in the chair LOL!

Then tonight July 10th Sunday we drove by the Library and there were like 60 people there, and even more walking all around town playing Pokemon!

Then when we got home we walked around John's neighborhood and played it on his phone.

We got home and his mom said, "I saw both of your cars here, but you weren't here! What were you doing?" and John said, "Walking around playing that Pokemon game..." and his mom said, "I KNEW IT! What was I just telling your dad I thought you guys were playing that game! Amy thinks it is a conspiracy since it is coming out when all this BlackLivesMatter and Dallas Police thing is going on."

Also this weekend, Saturday July 9th we were at Honesdale Walmart and I finally bought these plushes of Plusle and Minun I wanted. So that's something Pokemon related. :P

#iamasuperstar (talk) 04:12, July 11, 2016 (UTC)

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