This page will be based off of a blog that Evelyn made on her wiki! Instead it will be random and funny "out of context" quotes That I have said! I said quite a few today and my own MOM was LOLing! :D

#iamasuperstar (talk) 19:09, June 30, 2013 (UTC)


  1. What's for lunch today? Stupid chicken sh*t?
  2. I am surprised you're not annoyed with my stupidity right now.
  3. Sir, I admire you! You touch feet all day!
  4. Get outta here traffic cone!
  5. You got some dirt in your chesthair!
  7. Those are some foxy strawberries!
  8. Do you remember me putting my mouth ANYWHERE near your arm?
  9. Are you riding the sheets?
  10. LVIP? Lehigh Valley International Police! Oh, no wait it's Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs haha!
  11. Stupid grass! Get outta here!
  12. [to sky] Get outta here, storm!
  13. You put chocolate milk on my butt? Don't choke!
  14. Instantly you smile? Why would a shirt make you-OH never mind it says, "Instantly slims you."
  15. If Phineas and Ferb has taught me one thing, it's to never be ahamed to yell, "MOM!" in the middle of the store. 
  16. We should turn this into the boogie room!
  17. NOO! Curse you baked goods fairy!
  18. and my Oreo are going to leave now!
  19. `*sings to the tune of, "Oh, Christmas Tree* Oh Redner's bag, oh Redner's bag, Oh where are you...Redner's bag?
  20. What the hell happened to Rarity?
  21. Keep calm and tell your food it's hot!
  22. Wow! IE is going faster then Chrome! Is it opposite day?
  23. They're having a boogie party on the table!
  24. We need a light on in h-OWW! *trips over foot rest*
  25. Since Yocco's is the official hot dog place of Allentown, and they had a hot dog on top of the PPL Building...shouldn't Pete's Hot Dog's in Bethlehem have a hot dog on top of Martin Tower? 
  26. Oh, sorry I was singing to the duct tape!
  27. Mom! He didn't think it was weird I was singing to the duct tape!
  28. Oooh it's steel! *sings* IT'S LIKE YOU'RE MY STEEL! MY STEEL STARIN' BACK AT MEE!!
  29. Ooh look an I-Beam!!

Random things my mom has saidEdit

  1. "You can't sit there being fancy dan! I need my pants!"
  2. "Get off the road, you bastard!"
  3. Aww what the hell, I need cereal!
  4. Okay so you went to Redner's and saw little Ian...

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