Greetings fair people of this wiki. I'm Ocredan and most of you know me as Stefanie's close online friend. Recently however I was called out after having a post in my deviantart about me being single (for now) implying that I had abandoned Stefanie. I'm here to explain my mistakes and ask for your forgiviness.

The IncidentEdit

So like I explained earlier, the dA post made it look like I had abandoned Stefanie for someone else. This is however not the case. While the post did indeed give the impression of such an ordeal, I hadn't imagined going to this length. Had it been the case, I would've told Stefanie at an instant. This however does not remove the fact that I did a terrible thing by announcing my openess during the turbulent time that Stefanie and the rest of us are facing. There are no excuses for what I did, I screwed up more than enough and hurt all of you in the process. I still assure you that I don't date anyone else and not planning on it. As of now, I took the post down and such remarks will not repeat themselves.

Pleading for ForgivinessEdit

Me and Stefanie spent a long time sorting out the situation at hand and after a hefty conversation, we came to an understanding and settled our differences. We embraced each other finally and realized that despite everything that has happened, we enjoy each others' company too much to let go.

I want to assure all of you that my intentions are harmless. I did a terrible mistake but it doesn't mean that I cannot redeem myself. A man without redeeming qualities, is hardly a man at all.

So, all I'm asking, is that can you forgive me? I understand completely if you turn me down but I promise you, I have no secondary agenda. I want our relationship to return to its former status. Surely you people want the same?

Yours truly: Ocredan

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