The name's Fox, SPY FoxEdit

Spy Fox

Mr. Fox looking nice in a black tuxedo.

Spy Fox is one of Superstar's favorite video games. She used to love to play it as a kid. She owned Dry Cereal and Cheese Chase. Superstar edited the Hold the Mustard article at Humongous Wiki's SPY Fox Page.

The article Superstar edited says: "This game is an arcade game centered nowhere in perticular. The evil King Konglomerate, maker of fine mustards, is fed up with poor sales of mustard over ketchup. He plans to send his robots to capture all the tomatoes in the world and launch them into a black hole."

Superstar has a Dry Cereal laying around somewhere and she wants to find and play it.

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My 2 SPY Fox CD has more HE games on it! :)